Russ Martinez, better known as Emcee Russ, is a 2016 Houston Press Readers' Choice Award nominee who performs as a show host, singer-songwriter, pianist, actor, teacher and is host of Houston's own "The Emcee Russ Show", where he speaks to visual and performing artists, entrepreneurs, friends and various people of interest. As the former original frontman of funk act, The Soul Creatures, Emcee Russ has definitely mastered the art of a close and personal interaction with an audience, the creation of setting a strong level of present multicultural inclusion and the use of the importance of keeping laughter in the moment. When he isn't entertaining the world or teaching music, he enjoys cooking, playing video games and going out for a refreshing cocktail. Emcee Russ is currently writing his first solo album. You can reach Emcee Russ at emceeruss@emceeruss.com or on Instagram by following @emceeruss.


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